HUD-1a Settlement Statement for Refinance Excel


Hud-1a software allows you to create a Hud 1a settlement statement on your computer, quickly and easily.



Now you can produce a Professional looking HUD-1a for:

Refinances and transactions that do not involve a seller instantly right from your computer.

What is a Hud-1a? – The Hud1a is a settlement statement for transactions without sellers.

HUD-1a Settlement Statement  is an excel file that allows you to input your information and numbers and print a professional settlement statement.   There are formulas in the sheet to assist with calculations and totals.

Features – Hud1a Software

New Hud1a Version (3 pages)

Professionally formatted.

Formulas help with calculations and totals

Unlimited use  make as many Hud-1 as you need

Designed for Legal paper  8.5 x 14

Easy to adjust numbers or make changes

Digital delivery – no waiting for shipment

Customize it – Change the font type, font size, etc.

Excel spread sheet

Hud 1a settlement statement works on Mac, if you have Excel or (free)