Closing Disclosure Fillable Form Seller Side Only 2 page

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Fillable Closing Disclosure Form – Seller Side only, 2 page,  Printable, Editable.  Includes Formulas for Totals and Tax Prorations!

Re-use unlimited times.  Form is an Excel file, which is Easy to use and edit.  Prints a Professional looking form.



Trid Closing Disclosure form CD Seller only – 2 page Excel file.  Easy to use, Easy to Edit, just type in your info.

Prints a Professional looking copy for clients.

When you need to only show the seller’s side the of the transaction, you can use the Closing Disclosure Form Seller Side only.

Closing Disclosure Form – Seller Side Features

  • Professionally formatted.
  • Formulas help with calculations and totals
  • Tax Proration Formulas
  • Unlimited use  make as many Closing Disclosures as you need
  • Letter size  8.5 x 11
  • Easy to adjust numbers or make changes
  • Digital delivery – no waiting for shipment
  • Download after Payment
  • Customize it – Change the font type, font size, etc.
  • 2 standard pages
  • Excel spread sheet
  • Works on Mac or PC, if you have Excel or (free)


  • Quickly and Easily Create Closing Disclosures
  • No Waiting on someone else, you can create your Closing Disclosure whenever you want.
  • Save as PDF files  – to Email to lenders or clients
  • Easy to do,  just type in your information and print a professional copy.
  • Simple to use
  • Easily open Closing Disclosures and make quick changes, if needed.
  • No upgrades to purchase
  • No Monthly fees
  • No Registration codes
  • 100% Satisfaction, 30 Day Money back Guarantee

The seller’s disclosure is really an abbreviated version of the buyer’s version of the form. It shows the seller’s portion of the fees associated with the transaction, including the mortgage payoff amount and anything the seller has agreed to pay for.

This Closing Disclosure shows a line by line breakdown of every cost paid by the seller and whether it was paid before or at closing. It’s prepared by the closing agent for the date of the close.

The disclosure shows the purchase price, the cost to pay off the existing mortgage and any other liens on the property, and any adjustments in the purchase price for local taxes.

Next, it goes over any costs the seller agreed to pay with the buyer. This is where seller concessions would be listed. Prepaid escrow items are listed as well as anything else that was negotiated between the parties.

The Closing Disclosure Form – Seller Side only is a great solution for real estate closings. Unlimited copies, unlimited edits all for a one time fee!