Hi Mike.

I absolutely love the Hud-1 form Generator. It makes my job so easy. I love that it does all the math for me.


If you have ever used Excel, this is the program to use. It’s so much better than the more expensive programs we have purchased in the past. Line items are very easily adjustable to accommodate the lender for each transaction. I’m very happy I was able to purchase this. Very happy with the program.


I have used your HUD-1 Generator for several closings and it has worked great.  Very easy to use! Much easier than the program I used before.
David W

Mike I am totally pleased with the Hud1 settlement statement I acquired from you. I recommend it without reservation to all I meet and for anyone seeking to get HUD-1 form Generator from you! Thanks for making it available,

Lou T.
New Mexico

The template works very well. Numbers populate fields correctly, calculations are proper, and the printed product looks as we all expect.
Roger L Esq.

Hud-1 software is very easy to use. I can generate a Hud 1 Settlement Statement in few minutes. I just plug in the necessary numbers and it populates it and it does the calculation for you. Its fast and simple to use.

Before I ordered the Hud-1 Settlement statement, I was doing all of the calculations manually and it took me a while to do that. Now I can generate several Hud 1 Settlement Statements in minutes, thanks to the Hud1 form Generator. I highly recommend it to all Real Estate Professionals.

I am very satisfied with the Hud-1 Generator and the price is a real bargain.

William M., Broker

The program is easy to use.  I have used several times now and like it a lot.  I like the fact that if you need to manipulate the formulas, you can, such as commission.
Cathy J
I was able to download your program and got to use it for the first time yesterday and it WAS GREAT!  I am new to real estate transactions and forms and navigating through them. This program made it easy.

Thank you so much and please keep me in the loop for any other programs you may develope.
This program has been a good solution for the few residential matters I handle. It is a great alternative to more expensive programs for full time residential closers.
Kent J, Esq.

Hi Mike,

I found the Hud1 software to be very helpful and user friendly. I am currently using it for my short sales investing. I will recommend it to anyone that has a need to use the Hud 1 Settlement Statement in their business.

Rey B.

Yes the HUD1 was helpful. Instead of calling the Title company every time to make changes I can just do it myself


Hi Mike,

I was so happy to not have to write an Excel application. A no brainer but who has the time!!

Your program is perfect for Lender Short Sale requirements.
Thank you for a great program! – Dot N
absolutely!! It is the best program I have purchased for our office since starting here 13 years ago. It’s very user-friendly!
It’s awesome for over a year I was using one I couldn’t save and email! Even started to make my own in excel but got frustrated as my excel skills are good but not that good:) thank you for creating it. It’s an invaluable tool that everyone in real estate needs!

It was extremely helpful, I did not have to expend hundreds of dollars for a HUD-1 software in this era where maintaining a small office has become so expensive.  Thank you so much, I am able to use the HUD-1 Generator effectively.  Keep up the good work!!!!
Avon S, Esq.,
I purchased HUD-1 because I buy and sell a lot of short sales and need the figures in my assessments.  I am a former real estate broker, currently an investor.  When negotiating with banks they always ask for HUD-1 and escrows are very slow in helping you in these early stages.  This is a god-send for me and my business associates.
Mary T.
I found the HUD-1 software to be exceptionally easy to use – I didn’t find any flaw.  It is well worth the price, considering many other packages geared towards law firms cost upwards of $200.00.

Thank you for your contribution to our business.

Isaac P., Esq.
I am a solo attorney and do occasional closings. I was looking for an inexpensive HUD 1 program and bought this one from mike shackleford. It was the cheapest one I could find. I have used it for one closing and am pleased with it. I recommend it.
Attorney Richard R
“Anyone that has ever represented a bank at closing knows the importance of the HUD-1 — and the numerous revised drafts that can be prepared prior to closing.  The HUD-1 Generator is an invaluable tool that dramatically cuts down on the time needed to incorporate any modifications and perhaps most importantly almost eliminates the probability of making sloppy numerical mistakes.  I’m very happy I purchased the product — Thank You Mike!”

The HUD 1 Generator was very helpful. With short sales banks want to see a preliminary HUD 1. This helps me to put my short sale packets together quickly and get them in to the bank without having to wait.

u. a.

Hud1 form is very easy to use and extremely helpful for completing Short Sale packages.



I have used other HUD-1 generators that came equipped with complex wizards that were difficult and cumbersome to use. Your’s is simple, straight forward, and so simple to use. I highly recommend it.

Tom M.

Dear Mike,

I needed a HUD-1 form to use in a commercial real estate transaction, as the HUD-1 is the standard form to use in real estate. I found your Hud1 generator easy to purchase and download, affordable and very easy to use.

Paul C., attorney, Massachusetts

Thank you very much. I think your program is user friendly, accurate, and most importantly, efficient.

Daniel G. D., Esq.

Over the last several years, I have search for an economical HUD software program to use in the classroom and just recently came across yours. My only disappointment is that I just found your program this year.

Thanks for making my job easier.


“For those of us in the Real Estate business, short sales have become a way of life. A HUD 1 is required by all banks when an offer is submitted. Mike Shackeford’s program is an invaluable tool that auto to create a HUD 1.

Doreen L.

We’re doing many short sales, and the HUD-1 needs adjusting by the listing agenet as quickly as possible to satisfy the lenders. We use your Hud1 generator to enable the listing agent to make these HUD-1 changes so we can be exteremely resposive to the lender in getting short sale approvals.

Duncan H.

Hi Mike,

We love your HUD-1 Generator! We are a small law firm that only does a few closings a year. We have been looking for a program like this. It’s easy to use and works great.

Sandy K, Paralegal