Dropshipping Ecom Store Built For You


Done for you Dropshipping website.  Let us build everything, then give it to you.  Complete with website, products, suppliers, ready to make a sale.



Have to focus on school, run multiple companies, or work a full time job? Then you probably DON’T HAVE TIME to build a proper eCommerce store.

We have a “DONE FOR YOU” APPROACH which can save you a lot of time,from having to build everything by yourself.

Let us build an optimized eCommerce store for you, that is FUNCTIONAL FROM DAY ONE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

You will need web hosting account and a paypal account.

What are the benefits of buying a prebuilt store, compared to doing it myself?

Building an eCommerce store without any guidance is usually a complicated task. You can save a lot of time, energy, and other resources by letting an expert to do all the work. Similar to how businesspeople hire maids to clean your houses, real estate agents to sell their properties, etc.

Do I need previous experience?

No, you don’t need previous experience because we’re the ones building and optimizing the store for you. In fact, you can learn better with us because you’ll be able to see how a properly functional eCommerce store works. If you wish, you may use your comprehensive learning experience from your prebuilt store to start more stores yourself in the future. We’ve received lots of positive feedback.

Does my age or country of residence matter?

Yes, age matters. You must be 18 years or older (i.e. legal age) to take over an eCommerce store on the hosting platforms we use or you can partner up with your parents. No, your country of residence doesn’t matter in most cases; the hosting platforms we use support almost every country in the world. All you need is access to the Internet.

What kind of products would I sell; which niche will I get?

We can choose winning products for your store or you can choose. In any case – we make an informed decision, in a thorough discussion after you join based on: what you’re passionate about, price range of products you’re comfortable with, scalability potential of the niche, etc.

Do you connect me with suppliers for the products?

Yes, we set you up with efficient, inexpensive, and reputable suppliers with have a solid track record of successfully delivering customer orders. The supply chain is a key component of an eCommerce store; ensuring that all customers remain satisfied.

Will you help with my website design?

Yes, your eCommerce store will be designed to maximize customer conversion as much as possible and can be viewed by anyone worldwide. The theme we choose for you will be constantly updated, optimized for all desktop & mobile devices, and responsive. All the necessary pages will be made available.

How much time per day should I dedicate to the store?

At the beginning, we recommend dedicating at least 30 minutes/day which consists of manage, monetize, and scale the eCommerce store. After becoming more automated and efficient, your time commitment to the store gradually decreases.

What are the monthly maintenance fees associated with running a store?

You should prepare at least $15/month for maintenance fees which covers a basic hosting plan, domain registration, and some recommended applications. Though not absolutely necessary, you may choose to spend more if you want to scale faster: more marketing strategies, outsourcing various tasks, etc. We aim to keep costs low and profit margins high.

Why create stores for people?

We are about providing value to entrepreneurs worldwide. The client receives an optimized, eCommerce store which has hopefully saved them a great deal of time. We have the privilege of meeting lots of different people and have fun. This is a win-win situation.

Explain the transfer process?

How will I receive ownership transfer of the eCommerce store?

You’ll receive an email with delivery instructions from us. This will allow you to login to your store and full ownership will be transferred to you via email shortly thereafter. Easy process.

How long does it take to receive the store after payment?

Our aim is to provide you with full ownership as soon as possible. The typical timeframe to receive your eCommerce store (i.e. after payment and agreeing with niche selection) – is under 2 weeks. We place a heavy emphasis on quality, over quantity.

Do I need to set anything up myself after I’ve logged in?

There are some simple administrative aspects of the store that will need your input, which we aren’t authorized to access. With our step by step guidance, you’ll need to connect to payment processors (Paypal), connect various social media platforms, and input your contact information.

Will anyone else have access to my store after I receive full ownership?

No, we no longer have access to your eCommerce store after you take full ownership. At this point, you get to make the executive decisions. This is total freedom. Think of the store we provide as a blank canvas (i.e. which has already been established on solid foundations). Feel free to change anything you want and truly make your masterpiece unique.

If I want to sell my eCommerce store after it makes sense to do so, can you help?

Yes, exit planning is a fundamental component. We connect you to reputable brokerage platforms to oversee the process.